Indy council sends transit tax hike to voters

Originally posted to on May 9, 2016 by John Tuohy and Brian Eason.

The City-County Council on Monday night agreed to give Marion County voters the chance to raise their income taxes to pay for a major investment in public transportation: a dramatic expansion of the city bus service, including a bus rapid transit system.

The November referendum will ask voters if they would support a 0.25 percent tax hike — about $100 a year for a worker making $42,000 annually — to help pay for expanded bus service.

The council — while it appeared deeply divided on the merits of the plan — overwhelmingly agreed to allow voters to decide for themselves and approved the ordinance authorizing the referendum 18-6.

“I have some concerns with the proposal,” said Councilwoman LaKeisha Jackson, a Democrat, “but that is not what tonight is about.”


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