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Council OKs putting mass-transit tax hike on November ballot

Originally posted to ibj.com on May 9, 2016 by Hayleigh Colombo.

Marion County voters will have another choice to make in November’s election—whether to approve an income-tax increase to pay for expanded mass-transit service.

The measure to put the question on November’s ballot was approved 18-6 Monday night by the full City-County Council. The measure first passed the council’s Rules and Public Policy Committee on April 26.

If the November referendum passes, Marion County could levy a income-tax increase of 0.25 on residents. That would be 25 cents for every $100 of income to pay for increased public transit.

“This is about a system that will not improve if we don’t find a way to fund it,” said Republican Councilman Jeff Miller. “I trust the voters come November will look at the impact to them and make a personal decision.”

Democrat Zach Adamson said he has been “waiting five years” to cast a vote to put the referendum on the ballot.

The tax increase would help fund the IndyGo Marion County Transit Plan, which includes extended service hours, shorter wait times, and the creation of three rapid-transit bus lines.

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