There are many and varied benefits to a community of having a well-designed, efficient transit system.

When transit is a good option, many people choose to use it.


Good transit stabilizes residential property values, helps redevelopment, and attracts investment.


Young professionals and the businesses that recruit them are both looking for transit-served locations.

Further Benefits

Additional benefits of transit include:

  • Stable Workforce

    People need reliable ways to get to work, and good transit service is a leading indicator of low workforce turnover.

  • Millennials Like Smartphones More Than Cars

    The Millennials are driving less than their parents did at the same age, and teenagers are waiting longer to get their licenses.

  • Return on Investment

    Transit typically returns $3 in economic output for every $1 invested, not including the real estate development that good transit service can attract.

  • Regional Competitiveness

    Young professionals are choosing their city before they find their job, and they’re often choosing walkable neighborhoods with good transit access.

  • Riders Save Money

    Owning and relying upon a single car can cost a family $8,000 a year. Switching even one driver to transit can save families thousands of dollars.

  • After Driving, Seniors Can Move

    As seniors look to downsize and age in place, they need good transit to stay mobile as driving becomes more dangerous for them.

  • Food Access

    It’s tough to tell a private grocery store to build locations where at-risk residents need food, but transit can connect residents in food deserts to the best established grocery stores in town.

  • The Path out of Poverty

    Reliable, affordable transportation to work and school is the most critical tool for low income families to climb the economic ladder.

  • Better Health

    Studies show transit riders walk more, weigh less, and are less likely to be involved in a traffic crash than drivers.

  • Cleaner Air & Less Energy Use

    More transit riders means fewer automobiles on the road, and less air pollution from tailpipes. Electric buses can use solar energy or natural gas-generated power.

Review the Plan
For more information on the benefits of transit, check out the Central Indiana Transit Plan.
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