Red Line Rolling Toward Construction

Originally posted to on August 16, 2017 by Thomas P. Healy.

After years of planning and more than a year of detailed engineering work, the 13.5-mile first phase of the Red Line Electric Bus Rapid Transit line is 100 percent designed and ready to bid.

Depending on weather, construction of the largest public transportation infrastructure project in the city’s history could begin in late November, according to Bryan Luellen, IndyGo’s vice president of public affairs and communications.

“There is an absolute start and end date but at this point in time we can’t say contractor A is going to start here and finish here. We’re not the ones assembling the work crews,” Luellen said. More detailed information on staging will be contained in contractor bids that are due in September. The IndyGo board will vote on contractor selections and issue a “Notice to Proceed” in November. In a June Contractor Information Session, IndyGo said it expects construction to be completed by December 2018 in order to leave ample time to test the system before beginning service in April 2019.

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