Try out rapid transit bus rides — for free

Originally posted to on September 6, 2016 by John Tuohy.

Indianapolis residents later this month can sample where their their tax dollars would go if voters in November approve a referendum to pay for mass transit improvements.

IndyGo will temporarily put into service an extra-long, all-electric bus like those that would be used for the city’s planned bus rapid transit lines. The 60-foot-long, accordion-style bus, manufactured by BYD Motors of Los Angeles, is completely battery-powered and runs almost soundlessly, except for road noise, officials said.

“IndyGo is excited to showcase this state-of-the-art bus technology in Marion County,” said IndyGo President, Michael Terry in a written statement. “We encourage residents to learn about what dedicated transit investment would mean for our IndyGo network and community by experiencing the bus in person.”

The free rides will be offered on the No. 8 Washington Street route, the city’s busiest, on Sept. 20, and on the second busiest line, the No. 39 bus,  which goes along East 38th Street, on Sept. 21, said IndyGo spokeswoman Lauren Day.

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