Job options limited for those who rely on transit

I have a car, but it needs work so while that’s down I’m riding the bus. I moved here from Minneapolis, where the transit system is phenomenal. It could be better here in Indianapolis.

I am looking for work, and a lot of the jobs are out in the suburbs where the buses don’t run. And bus transit here stops running at a certain time, so if you work in the evenings you might be able to get there but won’t be able to get back. Frequency is another thing. Now that we have the transit center downtown, all the buses are in one place but it seems like we have longer waits.

My last job was fairly close to where I was staying. It would take me 10 or 15 minutes to get there in my car. When it stopped working, I had to take public transportation. So I’d spend four hours on the bus to work an 8- or 9-hour shift—two hours there and two hours back, just on the bus. It was a long day. And then you had to wake up and do it again the next day.

Now I’m trying to find something in the downtown area. All the buses seem to go downtown. When you need to go out to other areas, it’s not as feasible.