David Coyle

I’m from New Zealand, but I love to travel. I saved my money for a couple years and quit my job to go on an adventure. I started in Japan, and then went to Mexico, Belize and Guatemala before flying to the states. So far, I’ve been to Houston, Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago, and am now in Indianapolis for the first time.

I took the Megabus to downtown and got a taxi to the Indy Hostel in Broad Ripple, but that cost $15, more than I expected. So I’m taking the bus downtown to check it out. The fare is $1.75 each way.
Where I’m from in New Zealand, public transport isn’t very good. There are buses in Wellington, but not subways or anything like that. I just came from Chicago, and it is really easy to get around.

I never even thought about renting a car while I’m visiting America. I’m sure I can handle driving on the other side of the road, but I just really didn’t want to bother with it.

I really don’t know much about Indianapolis, just that there’s a big car race and it’s the Crossroads of America. I was only going to stay a short time, but I made a bunch of friends at the hostel, so I might stay a bit longer.

The first time I came to the states, I only saw the coasts. This time, I’m trying to see more of the middle.

I have four weeks to get to New Orleans. I met a girl in Mexico, and we’re going to meet up again. She’s got a van, so we’re going to try to road trip to New York. I want to see it all.

Depending on how my money lasts, I might check out Canada as well.