Red Line construction delay continues as federal funding remains in Washington

Originally posted to on January 17, 2018 by Deanna Allbrittin.

With funding still up in the air, IndyGo officials say they still don’t know when they’ll start construction on the Red Line. IndyGo’s own advertising promised neighbors the first of nine meetings would provide “construction timeline and traffic detour updates”. But people who have been following the proposed rapid transit route closely felt let down. “This being a major update about construction doesn’t really tell us very much that’s new,” said Lee Lange, a College Avenue business owner and member of the “Stop the Red Line” organization.

IndyGo’s spokesperson confirmed the federal government hasn’t yet fully approved their $75 million grant. And for now, they won’t start construction without it. “We anticipate that construction could start as early as March of this year,” said IndyGo Director of Public Affairs Bryan Luellen.

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