Johnson County won’t vote on Red Line

Originally posted to on July 13, 2016 by John Tuohy.

Marion County voters will go it alone in November when they are asked to consider a ballot measure to raise their personal income taxes for improved mass transit.

Township trustees in Johnson County decided against asking Greenwood voters to raise income taxes by 0.25 percent to improve bus service. Last month, Clay Township in Hamilton County did the same. It means only Indianapolis residents will vote on whether to raise funds to run the proposed electric Red Line bus rapid transit system.

“We just didn’t have enough information and didn’t want to put something on the ballot until we were more informed,”  Pleasant Township Trustee Mary Ann Powell said.

The move frustrated Greenwood Mayor Mark Myers, who said it was hard to believe that the trustees needed more information on such a highly publicized project. He suspected two of the three board members were simply against it.

“It is very disheartening to hear,” said Myers, a proponent of the Red Line. “That’s saying they haven’t read a paper or watched TV in two years. I can google ‘Red Line’ and get everything I need. It’s not like this hasn’t been discussed.”

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