City-County Council finds a difficult path to funding mass transit in Indy

Originally posted to on February 01, 2017 by Amber Stearns.

At the end of February, the City-County Council will vote on whether or not to take the next step toward a mass transit plan in Indianapolis. That step would create a new local option income tax, taking 25 cents from every $100 earned by Marion County residents. The money raised would give IndyGo a consistent revenue stream with which to work and function. The complete transit plan includes a re-work of bus routes and frequency, a streamlined 7-day schedule for greater reliability and three rapid transit lines all funded by the proposed new tax, ride fares, other existing streams of revenue and federal programming grants.

Wait. What?

Didn’t we already talk about this and vote on it as a community?

Isn’t this a done deal thanks to a referendum that gained nearly 60 percent support from Marion County voters across the city?

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