Use the maps below to see how recommended improvements to the transit system could serve you.

Central Indiana Transit Maps


COMING SOON!! Compare your existing transit trip to your future trip and see how far you can get within a set time. Improvements to transit (longer hours, 7-day service) can shorten your trip or wait between buses.


For the Red Line rapid transit project, IndyGo has created a detailed, interactive map of the entire route for the first phase of the Red Line.


Enter your address to see your score and the number of jobs you can get to within 30 minutes by transit.

Where We've Been

A map of Indy Connect meetings from 2010 through 2016.

Affordability Maps

The Location Affordability Index

The Location Affordability Index (LAI) gives estimates of the percentage of a family's income dedicated to the combined cost of housing and transportation in a given location. (USHUD, USDOT)

The H+T Affordability Index

The Housing and Transportation (H+T®) Affordability Index provides a comprehensive view of affordability that includes both the cost of housing and the cost of transportation at the neighborhood level. (Center for Neighborhood Technology)

Data USA - Regional Information

Data USA provides a unique, highly visual way to look at information for the Central Indiana region. It includes data on the economy, demographics, education, housing, health & safety, and much more.

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