Transit won’t be on ballot in Hamilton County

Originally posted to on June 29, 2016 by Chris Sikich.

The Clay Township Board has decided not to authorize a referendum on mass transit this year, effectively ending the process to hold referendums this year in Hamilton County.

Board member Matt Snyder said the focus for area transit planners should be on developing Marion County’s plan. If Marion County voters decide in November to move forward with transit, he said, the board might reconsider its position in 2018. He said the groundwork has been laid for a transit plan in Hamilton County but the current plan needs more work.

Board member Mary Eckard said voters might not be receptive to another tax increase this year. She said any plan in the future should be a countywide initiative, not one targeting only Carmel and Westfield.

Clay Township’s decision means Washington Township will be prohibited from holding a referendum this year, despite that board’s vote Tuesday morning. Only townships contiguous to a county or township holding a referendum may hold one, under state law. Washington Township does not border Marion County.

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