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Electric Buses: Safe and Green

Originally posted to indymidtownmagazine.com on December 18, 2017 by Thomas P. Healy.

Mass transit’s momentum continued in 2017 as IndyGo prepares for the largest, most comprehensive upgrade to its services since a public corporation was established in 1975 to provide transit services.

According to IndyGo, the new fleet of electric BRT vehicles for the Red Line is manufactured in Lancaster, California, by BYD Coach & Bus LLC. The American affiliate of China-based BYD Company Ltd., BYD has a high percentage of American shareholders, according to Macy Neshati, U.S. senior vice president of heavy industries. “Sixty percent of shares are owned by U.S. investors,” he said in a phone interview. “FTA has strict ‘Buy American’ guidelines for buses purchased with federal funds,” he added. “Ours is 76 percent and we cannot include assembly labor in the ‘Buy American’ content.”

Neshati said the company’s innovative iron-phosphate chemistry in its batteries is fire safe. “It is the most thermally stable battery you can get. It will not explode if you put it in direct flames,” he said. “Our number-one priority has always been human lives and safety. We won’t sacrifice range or performance by sacrificing safety.”

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